Games are looked up from:

  • $path_share/games/<gameid>/
  • $path_user/games/<gameid>/

Where <gameid> is unique to each game.

The game directory can contain the following files:

  • game.conf, with the following keys:
    • name: Required, human readable name e.g. name = Minetest
    • description: Short description to be shown in the content tab
    • disallowed_mapgens = <comma-separated mapgens> e.g. disallowed_mapgens = v5,v6,flat These mapgens are removed from the list of mapgens for the game.
  • minetest.conf: Used to set default settings when running this game.
  • settingtypes.txt: In the same format as the one in builtin. This settingtypes.txt will be parsed by the menu and the settings will be displayed in the "Games" category in the advanced settings tab.
  • If the game contains a folder called textures the server will load it as a texturepack, overriding mod textures. Any server texturepack will override mod textures and the game texturepack.

Games can provide custom main menu images. They are put inside a menu directory inside the game directory.

The images are named $identifier.png, where $identifier is one of overlay, background, footer, header. If you want to specify multiple images for one identifier, add additional images named like $identifier.$n.png, with an ascending number $n starting with 1, and a random image will be chosen from the provided ones.